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Date Subject Contributors
(where known)
24th November 2018 Santa's Christmas Cracker K Dearden
14th December 2018 D-CaFF: The Twelve Days of Christmas K Dearden
27th December 2018 Post Christmas Walk K Dearden
8th February 2019 D-CaFF: Valentines K Dearden
8th March 2019 D-CaFF: The Merry Trotter Mobile Museum K Dearden
21st March 2019 Visit to the Hat Works Museum, Stockport K Dearden
30th March 2019 Tottington and District Horticultural Society Spring Show K Dearden
12th April 2019 D-CaFF: Greenmount Strummers K Dearden
6th May 2019 The Big Village Party M Evans, F Sierowski and A Waddell
10th May 2019 D-CaFF's Third Birthday: All Aboard the Blackpool Belle K Dearden
16th June 2019 D-CaFF with Miller Care K Dearden
9th August 2019 D-CaFF Games and Sing Along K Dearden
14th August 2019 Ladies Afternoon Tea in the Old School A Waddell