Greenmount Village Community Garden

Greenmount Village Community (GVC) Community Garden

An Incredible Edible Story

Currently a group of volunteers meet on Thursday afternoons from 2pm till 4pm.  YOU are very welcome to join us.

Please stop for a chat one Thursday or contact Bea Wainwright [email protected]

It all began in 2012 with the GVC in its infancy. At a village meeting in the Greenmount URC Church, Donna Short (a resident of Greenmount originally from America) stood up and asked, “Has anyone heard of the Incredible Edible Movement?”

Villagers supported the idea of a plot of land where fruit and vegetables are grown for any passer-by to harvest. The strip of land next to the Churchyard was nominated as the Incredible Edible Plot for Greenmount. Donna met with Frank Crawford to discuss requirements and a volunteer Dig Day was held on May 12th 2012.

In June, Donna gave feedback on progress “Please look at the plot. The aim is to provide raised beds with easy access for everyone to harvest. If you have seeds or plants, please get involved.”

Donna regularly thanked volunteers for their support. In November 2014 thanks went to the volunteer working party who cleared the site ready for the winter. Raspberry Canes were promised by a passer-by for next year.

In 2015 plans formed for flowers and a more aesthetically pleasing area for everyone. Ground near the fence was cleared to grow wildflowers leaving the existing beds for fruit and vegetables. Signs on site indicated items ready for picking. A rockery was added. Kath Lonsdale liaised with Greenmount Primary School to mount mosaic insects made from recycled bottle tops.

Incredible Edible has continued to grow (no pun) with lots of input from Donna and her Tuesday gang. We gave and still give thanks to Donna for ALL her work over the years. Donna could often be found enjoying the plot, planting plants grown from seed, weeding and harvesting. For every May Day Party, she arrived laden with tomatoes, vegetables and flowers to sell on the GVC Plant Stall reflecting the many hours she put in at home.

Donna and Ray have moved to America. Greenmount Village Community wish them well and thank Donna for the legacy she has given us.

In 2021 Bea Wainwright who has been a volunteer alongside Donna since 2019, and who together struggled through the pandemic to work on either side of the plot to keep everywhere tidy, has agreed to take over in organising the work needed to keep this garden flourishing. She has the same enthusiasm as Donna and will often be found planting and weeding on a sunny day.

Bea has set up a WhatsApp group of a few volunteers who agree to meet at various times of the week. She hopes to arrange regular sessions so people can meet and enjoy this natural environment together, while at the same time creating something beautiful for the community.

Over the past couple of years Bea has grown various types of vegetables, planted an apple tree from Holly Mount Orchard, fruit trees and has worked hard on the general upkeep of the garden.

In 2023 two new raised beds and a bench have been added to the plot. Greenmount Village Community were able to achieve this by funding provided through ‘Forever Manchester Awards’. Volunteers Andrew Clough and David Gaunt, from the Rainbow Shed, managed the whole project, and were joined by other volunteers in the community to help with the transportation of compost and stones.

Pictures of the plot development can be found in the Gallery page:

2012 The making of the Incredible Edible Garden

2023 An upgrade and renaming of Greenmount Community Garden.

A new notice board has been designed which we hope will encourage more regular volunteers who enjoy working outdoors. If you wish to get involved, please scan the QR Code on the notice board or contact one of the following:

Bea Wainwright:  [email protected]

Chairperson for GVC – [email protected]