A Welcome Pack is available and may be of particular interest to new residents.

View the Welcome Pack online.

Printable Version
A5 Double-sided booklet

Clicking on the link below will display a PDF document which can be printed as a double-sided A5 booklet.

If you have a printer capable of printing a double-sided copy, print the booklet on good-quality A4 paper. If you do not, follow the instructions below.

To produce the printed version, first print odd pages only on good-quality, A4 paper. Allow all the pages to collect on your printer’s tray.

Take all the pages in the order they collected on the tray, the fist printed page at the bottom and the last printed page at the top. Turn the pages over so that the blank sides are uppermost. Place the pages into your printer’s paper tray, making sure that the opposite top (short) edge to that when the odd pages were printed is presented to the printer first and that the long edges are on the same sides as they were when the odd pages were printed.

Print the even pages.

At the end of the printing, take all the pages from the printer’s tray in the order they were collected, make sure that they are the correct way up and fold them in half.

You should now have an A5 booklet.

Print the welcome pack.