Update – Masks and Scrubs

Hello everyone, here are some updates from our local teams of stitchers

An update from Val Maden on scrubs production

The following are a few figures that we have been given at the close of Bury, Rochdale and Oldham Scrubs Hub.  The Facebook page has now closed down. On this page any NHS workers could ask for sets of scrubs, scrub bags, hats and mask extenders and receive them free of charge.  This was funded by a Just Giving page.  At the close  all the orders had been fulfilled – 2,270 sets of scrubs, (enough for the audience of the Bridgewater Hall!),  100 gowns, 5,244 bags, 2,416 mask extenders and 160 hats; 10,530 items in all in just 9 weeks all made by volunteers.  Over 600 stitchers  were involved.  Nurses, Doctors, ICU’s, Ambulance teams, Care homes, Specialist carers, Doctors’ surgeries, Mental Health teams and many more received these items when they couldn’t be obtained  commercially, and made a difference for the NHS teams receiving them.  All of this was organised by Maxine Grimshaw and Zoe Sutcliffe, amazing volunteers who hit the ground running, thinking they would just make a few scrubs.  They organised the funding page, the purchasing of cloth (which was in short supply) , the distribution of patterns and cloth and the collection of finished work, the enquiries from the NHS and delivering the finished scrubs, a mammoth organisational task which helped so many people at this most difficult time.  

An update on mask production and distribution from Kath Anderson

We are writing to tell you about our second retail outlet which we have just organised at…

Helen’s Flowers at 30 Market St in Tottington (opposite the Post Office). 

The masks will be on display and there is a tin for the donations, 100% of the proceeds going to NHS Charities Together. Thanks to Helen for taking this on, and to Sarab at Holcombe Brook Post Office for his continued support.

We would like to give another big thank you to all our volunteers (20 sewers plus several distributors and suppliers of fabric) who continue to do sterling work making the masks – if anyone else would like to join in with the project we can let them have all the necessary details, please email [email protected]  The project has now raised more than £3700 through and expect to hit the £4,000 mark this coming week. More importantly, the value of wearing masks in public spaces is widely recognised (although we are not claiming sole credit!), and together we have made in the region of 1500 masks and supplied them to the local public.

Well done to all stitchers and supporters!

Julie Southworth

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