Greenmount Cricket Club – New COVID measures

Please see below some important information from Rob Kilvington, chairman of Greenmount Cricket Club regarding the impact of new COVID restrictions at the Log Cabin.

Stay safe everyone

Julie Southworth


The Government’s announcements on further lockdown measures earlier in the week mean that things will change once again at the Log Cabin with effect from Thursday 24th September.

This note attempts to detail the main changes and asks you to support us in establishing them to ensure that we continue to provide as safe an environment as we can for all our members, staff and visitors. There are some significant financial penalties for both individuals and the club if these new rules and regulations aren’t followed, so from both a health & safety and financial perspective your support in this is essential. Non-compliance could lead to the club being shut down and our licence removed which would lead to the permanent closure of the club so your support in this really is essential.

The main changes in relation to the bar protocols are as follows :-

  1. All customers entering, walking around and leaving the club will need to wear a mask – in essence if you are stood up you will need to have a mask on.
  2. The club will become table service only – once you are sat down at a table you can remove your mask.
  3. Our staff will come to your table and take your order and will bring it back to you and take payment, by card only, from you at your table. You can only drink at a table.
  4. If you need to go to the toilet or go outside for a smoke, you will again need to wear a mask.
  5. The club needs to be closed by 10pm. Last orders will therefore be at 9.15 and all customers and staff will need to have left by 10pm.

Changes are also being introduced in relation to Test and Trace procedures, the main changes being :-

  1. From 24th Sept we have to have our own NHS Covid-19 QR code that visitors should be able to log onto using the NHS Covid-19 App. There will be a manual process for those with no access to a smartphone. This will become in due course our main test and trace mechanism, but whilst we have the QR code set up and available, the updated NHS Covid-19 App still isn’t available on the App Store / Google Play. We are awaiting confirmation from Government / NHS when this will be rolled out. I will let all members know once we get this confirmation and we will only move over to this fully once we know it is working.
  2. In the meantime we will continue to capture test and trace data via our visitors book for non-members and our tick-list for members. Our staff will update our test and trace records when they first meet you and take your order.  

The issue of tables and the use of outside facilities is less certain. We have made the most over the last 12 weeks of the plentiful supply of benches around the outfield, with customers buying their drinks at the bar and going outside and sitting down on the many benches. I’m currently seeking guidance as to the status of the benches and whether they can be treated “as a table”, however until this is received I will err on the side of caution and say that we can only serve people who are seated at the various tables that are outside the clubhouse. The penalties for infringement are so severe that we simply cannot afford to inadvertently do the wrong thing. As soon as I do receive guidance on this particular technicality I will naturally let you know.

I hope this is okay and I am sorry to be so picky about the wearing of masks when standing up etc, but we have to abide by these rules in the knowledge that they do help create as safe an environment as we possibly can. It is a completely new way of life to us all, but it looks like these new rules will be with us perhaps for the next 6 months so we do need to get used to them. We do know that some of our customers are exempt from wearing a mask, if you are one of these customers please bring your exemption card with you each time you visit as our staff have been asked to ask all customers to wear masks when standing.

Thanks again for your continued support through these extremely challenging times, it is very much appreciated. I hope you all agree that our primary focus simply has to be to ensure that we all make the Log Cabin as safe an environment as we possibly can for all our members, staff and visitors.

Rob Kilvington

GCC Chairman 

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