Village Green Project – Phase 2 Update


What a strange time it is that we live in! Need I say more?

The Phase 2 of the Village Green started in August 2019 and was due to be a 6 week project. The plan was to have a formal opening on Halloween 2019, and here we are a year later…….

Firstly may I thank you all for your patience with this project. I know some of you have been concerned as to what has been going on, especially since I have stepped down from the role of Chairman. I agreed with Julie that I would see this project through and we are nearly there.

I could list the many challenges that have bedevilled this project, but the current rainy weather is a repeat of last Autumn’s deluge and October looks like changing places with April for rainfall. Due to the sodden ground last year the project was put on hold and then Covid! Even something as simple as having signs/plaques made up  was a challenge as the manufacturers were busy with orders for Covid safety notices.

This month the Inspector from RoSPA passed off the Zip Wire and other items as safe which we are very grateful for. A minor accident did occur on the Zip Wire and so the ride was shortened and spring dampers put in place to protect the rider from hitting the wooden supports. We mentioned to the Inspector that it was hardly a “zip” experience. His comment was to say it requires running in, as it meets all the standards for a Zip Wire. So please give it a go (in fact many) and let us run it in. Unfortunately the grass under the ride did not have enough time to grow and mature, so expect a muddy experience.

It is lovely to see the whole Green so busy with activity. Many may have forgotten how badly it used to flood. I am grateful to Grant Brooks who is a resident of Greenmount for his wonderful drone footage taken in February 2018 which reminds us just how bad it was. Click on this link to view it 

The project is finished now, but as with many things there are a few loose ends which require sorting. These are:

  • The wire trays need installing in the BBQ by the two picnic tables
  • The boules area requires another level of stone and to be made to make it a suitable play surface for boules/petanque
  • The stone work on the path is still loose and requires compacting. After Phase 1 it had been fine, so this is a backward step at the moment
  • There are a few puddles which can do with maintenance

The contractor is aware of this list, but as yet has not set a date to return. Please give them space when they do return.

Now  that it has passed the safety inspection and all the signs are in place, go ahead and enjoy this marvellous facility in our village.

All the best,


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