Update on Burrs Country Park Masterplan

Dear All

I am sharing an email from Martin Proffitt who is working with the Friends of Burrs and Bury Council to identify and prioritise improvements to the Country Park.  In addition to a copy of the masterplan for consultation there is also a link to a survey, if you are interested please click on the link to respond and share to anyone who you think may be interested in the project.

Best Wishes

Julie Southworth

You are receiving this email as you have all stated an interest in improvements for Burrs Country Park. You can go directly to a survey here. Please view the attached draft masterplan.

 Through the consultation we have received some really good direct feedback from over 200 households and organisations in the area, and have been able to draft a masterplan. This is really good but we could do with a little more feedback on the masterplan. Can you help by forwarding this email to people (your contacts) who you think may be interested in having their say on how improvements are made at Burrs Country Park or maybe you know of a community group or school contact list it can get directed to?

 Please click on this link where you will find more information and a link to a survey. Plans are attached to this email. There are larger plans that can be viewed in and around Burrs Country Park itself, with a handy QR code. Pop down and have a look!

 Once we have collected and collated the information, the draft masterplan will be finalised and be used to try and seek funding from a number of sources for priority improvements. Please note that no funding has been secured yet – this is just the development phase.

 This is the first step in trying to prove the need for the improvements to funders and we need your help to prove the case. The more people who respond the more likely we are to succeed.

 You can go directly to the survey here.

 Please do share this email and / or survey with anyone you think may be interested in the project and encourage them to have their say. If you can share through you social media contacts to that would be helpful too. 😊

 Hope this weather keeps up and looking forward to receiving lots of feedback.

 Very much appreciated.

 Many thanks.

 Martin Proffitt 

 Proffitts – Investing in Communities

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