Greenmount Old School – Community Centre Break-ins

Over the past two weeks we have had two break ins in the Old School. Damage was done to cupboard doors as they tried to find anything of value. A few small items were taken but nothing of much value – we never leave money in the building. If you do notice any dumped items likely to have come from the Old School please let me know where they are.

Please be aware that clearly there are people coming into Greenmount and trying door and windows and even willing to break a window to gain access to properties. On the first occasion it is possible that a door may have been left unlocked but on the second occasion a small window was broken to gain access.

Please, if you are walking past the Old School or driving past and notice any suspicious activity let me know. The police response to both incidents was excellent and when it was thought the intruders were still in the Old School the response was very quick.

Neil Carter
Church Secretary

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