Bury Greenwood Group – Social Prescribing

Dear All

NHS England have been very active with the Bury Greenwood Group, part of Greenmount Village Community,  down at Philips Park around Social Prescribing.

Several weeks ago they came along and videoed a few of the team in the Barn area doing various activities. Here is the final cut and it has Alistair Waddell walking off stage right, Chris Dimitrov working the Shave Horse and his son Matt on the lathe. The Bury Greenwood Group are based at the shed and manufacture the benches which are in the process of being installed in the Lines area.

It is wonderful to get recognition again for leading a health project, especially after Joani and Laura from D-CaFF having just been to Buckingham Palace this week to collect their reward.

Julie Southworth

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