Let’s make hay! – Holly Mount Orchard

Dear All

Could you help prepare Holly Mount Orchard for the harvest and potentially learn some new skills at the same time?

Sunday 4th September is the day and the message below from Ian Mayer explains how you could help and pick up some training if you wish.

Best wishes

Julie Southworth

Your Orchard NEEDS YOU!

Given all the hot weather of late the autumn apple harvest is potentially being pushed a little early this year. Before the apples though, there is hay – and lots of it! On Sunday 4th September the orchard will be hosting scything expert Danny Hodges who will be leading an instructional morning on the art of scything, helping us to cut/slice/swish our way through the long grasses of the orchard. It’s faster than a strimmer, better for the environment, and is good exercise to boot. If anyone is interested in joining us and learning this ancient but eloquent craft please get in touch with [email protected] the tuition session will run c.10.30-1pm.

In the afternoon of the same day we need more than just those with an inner Poldark – we need to make hay, and plenty of it! Whilst the newly trained scythers will be chopping their way through the entire orchard (fingers crossed we have the stamina*!) we’ll need all hands on deck to collect and ‘rack’ the hay. A perfect job for all the family (and perhaps a picnic too), so please do join us 1.30-4pm and help us ready the orchard for the harvest!

Many thanks – all enquiries to [email protected] or via Facebook messenger.


*Cider may be supplied to help sooth any aching limbs at the end!

Ian Mayer
07738 929325
[email protected]
T: @HMount_Orchard
F: @hollymountorchard

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