Greenmount Church Spire Funding

You will probably have noticed that the church spire, the village landmark, was encased in scaffolding for a few months while contractors worked on it. After 156 years, inspection revealed that the spire and tower needed total repointing. The spire takes a battering from the rain and wind as it stands high above the village. Immediate action was required if the work was to be completed this year. The spire is a listed building so the repointing had to be done using lime mortar which can only be used when there is no risk of frost.

The cost of the work is substantial because of the complexity of scaffolding the spire plus the amount of pointing required. The cost totaled £100,000.

We are now fundraising. We had been expecting to repoint the back of the church this year and had budgeted for that. The spire repointing was not anticipated and so we need to raise funds.

We hope you might be able to help us in the repair of this village landmark.


Crowdfunding to Help fund the re pointing of the church spire on JustGiving

Cheques made payable to ‘Greenmount United Reformed Church’

c/o 101 Trimingham Drive, Bury BL8 1EL

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