Corona Help

These are unprecedented times for most of us, it is now more important than ever to support not only vulnerable people but also those who are self-isolating in our community in order to protect others.

If you wish to help, in the first instance find out who close by you is in need of support, this is constantly changing as people find the need to self-isolate  You may already be doing this with close friends and neighbours but you could spread this a bit wider by printing and posting this postcard to homes in your immediate locality. It is hoped that this will cover most of the needs within the Greenmount area.

If your household receives multiple completed cards this is a good thing, keep hold of them as your kindly neighbour or supporter may not be available if you need them due to their own self-isolation.

This card has been created by Becky Wass from Cornwall, you can read about the scheme here

Shortly we will be relaunching the GVC Helpers service, remodelled according to COVID-19 guidelines, details of this service will follow in the next few days.  This is intended to act as a safety net to cover those who may not be able to access support from their regular sources when they need it.

Keep safe and healthy

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