A message from our outgoing Chairman


You have recently received an email from Julie Southworth ([email protected])  and you will have seen there is a change coming along at the position of Chair within the GVC. I made it clear 12 months ago that I wished to stand down from the role after a period of 10 years.

I am very grateful to Julie for taking on the position as it has become a huge role, having grown and grown over the years. The official handover date is 31 March 2020, however, the work of passing responsibility over to Julie has already started.

The plan was to convene a village meeting, formally handover the role from myself to Julie and also introduce her to the villagers. Sadly, the current virus outbreak has prevented us from doing this. There does not seem to be a time in the immediate future when such a meeting can take place.

When we started the GVC in April 2010 we were reeling from the shock of losing the Post Office in Greenmount and the distinct possibility of losing other shops as well. We have come a long way since then and certainly there is a greater sense of community life now, than there was at that time.

It has been quite an adventure starting from a blank sheet of paper to the organisation we have today. The growth was organic and as a result of desires within the village to make change. It then just needed time, effort and resource to make it happen.

As I have said I am stepping down as Chair, but not stepping away so I will be here, just not leading from the front.

In Julie Southworth we have an excellent person taking over, and unfortunately for her at a difficult time, but I know from experience over the last 10 years, she will have the support of a wonderful and resourceful community.

By pulling together and sharing all that we have we will come through this crisis and may I suggest the community will be the stronger for it.

Thank you once again for all your support and kindness to Joan, Russell and myself over the last 10 years. We have had some challenges and some memorable HIGHS and at the end it has been a most wonderful journey for all concerned, and long may it continue.

See you around,


P.S. I shall continue to monitor the [email protected] email address and answer those emails appropriate to myself, whilst forwarding those concerning the GVC to Julie at [email protected]

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