D-CaFF Asda Green token

Dear All

Please find below some exciting funding news from D-CaFF.
Julie Southworth

D-Caff have been nominated to be part of the Asda Foundation Green Token Giving ONLINE vote via our local Asda store.

The vote went live on 1st January 2023 and runs until 30th April 2023.

The group with the most votes will receive a cheque for £500, 2nd place £400 and 3rd place £300

You will be able to vote for D-CaFF by visiting here and selecting Bury Marketside from the drop down box. You will be able to vote once every 7 days, so please be sure to return and revote in the following weeks.

To help promote and encourage our supporters to vote, we have been given some exciting graphics to use on our social media posts so u will see these going out on FB in the forthcoming weeks. Please be sure to share with your contacts so we can get more votes for D-CaFF ….you can use hashtags #AsdaFoundation #GreenTokenGiving

In the meantime thanks for your ongoing support guys ….this is great news for D-CaFF!

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